Don't Let Another Year go by NOT achieving your Physique Goals.....

The problem with most guys is they never truly take that first initial step to creating their ultimate physique of there dreams.


They either A) Procrastinate on it.


B) Pull up a 1,000 excuses as to why "right now" isn't a great time for them to get started:

I dont have the time
I don’t have the motivation
Im working alot, plus I have a girlfriend

Life just doesnt give a Damn.



Here's what most Guys do if they actually do decide to start going to the gym 

Gym Bro mistake #1:

Having workouts that last longer than 60 minutes


Gym bro mistake #2:

Doing routines that focuses too much on Bicep Curls, Leg extensions, and Cable Fly's rather than the "Fit 5"


Gym bro mistake #3:

Not eating enough calories to grow or to lose fat


There's an art to Bodybuilding, its a bit complicated & tricky. That's why I want to personally guide you to your ultimate physique.


Here take the Fitness Stage Finder. This 10 question exam will pinpoint exactly which category of fitness you currently lie within.

1. Are you skinny and your body is ready to start packing on more lean muscle?

2. Do you already have a good amount of size and muscle development and want to drop fat to get lean?

3. Do you consider yourself not fat, but definitely not skinny either and your goal is to build more muscle while dropping the fat you already have?


4. Do you feel  more lost and confused and want to shred alot of fat off your body?( +30lbs)


Whichever phase you are currently in, just know that there is a solution for it.



Take it now.