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Learn How I Amassed 50 lbs Of Muscle By 18.



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Let Me Introduce Myself….

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Nice To meet you…

My name is Alvin De Leon and I’m the owner of Lions Of Fitness. One day in junior high during a free period a girl comes up to me, a heavier tom-boyish kind of girl, and asks if she wants to arm wrestle.

At the time I was scrawny weak 122lb thirteen year old. I knew I wasn’t the strongest kid, but what I didn’t know was how little strength I actually had.

"Sure Why Not" Not taking her seriously we go start

That had to be the most disappointing day of my life... I had lost that arm wrestling match to that girl. It was at that point I was fed up with being a weakling. When I got home I took to my laptop and I read every article, watched every video, listen to every podcast I could get my hands on about muscular growth and increasing strength. 

What had happened next was unbelievable. 

Within 90 days of that moment, my squat skyrocketed from 45 lbs to 225lbs. At 14 years old I 1 repetition 300lbs for a max on deadlifts. Lastly, within 4 years of training, I had gained over 50lbs of dense lean muscle. My focus now is promoting self-progression through weight training. I believe you're never going to be the same person after you lost 50 lbs of fat or gained 30lbs of muscle.


 Here at Lions Of Fitness we offer courses that detail exactly how to gain dense muscle, shred off unwanted stubborn body fat, or both.


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